Saturday, December 5, 2009

Catch Up

We haven't posted anything for a long time, so I thought we'd get caught up. Not much has happened with us, but Quinn has grown a lot. Here are a few pictures of him over the last few months.

Quinn with Santa last week

Quinn's favorite position when Dad's holding him

Quinn had a fever, so I put a washcloth on his forehead. He kept holding his breath whenever the red light came on on the camera before I took the picture.

Quinn, his Grandpa Bezanson, and his cousin Brody in mid-November

Quinn and his cousin Piper in mid-November

Getting ready to get in the hot tub.

Quinn in his Halloween costume.


Lara said...

Cute, cute, cute. Fun to see some updated pictures. He looks like such a happy kid.

BusyBez said...

O.K. I'm going to die!! I LOVE this kid. His smile is heartwarming. How cute is it that he was holding his breath when the red camera light came on!
Thanks for posting. Made my day.

Michael + Molly said...

Hey I changed my blog address to

Sorry I didn't know it would cause broken links...