Sunday, August 23, 2009


Quinn has grown quite a bit since we posted pictures of him. He is now 11 1/2 weeks old. When he was 8 weeks old he was 13.6 lbs and 24.25 inches long. At 10 weeks old he was 14 lbs, so he gained almost a half of a pound in two weeks. He is a growing boy. He started fitting in his 3 month clothes at 2 months.

6 weeks old
7 weeks old

10 weeks old

He keeps trying to put his fist in his mouth. He has big hands and there is no way his fist is going in his mouth.

We were trying to show how long he is by putting him next to Devin's arm.

We finally got a picture of him smiling. He is 11 weeks old in this picture.

He went swimming for the first time last night in our hot tub. We didn't heat it up any hotter than his water is when we give him a bath. He was a bit nervous, but he seemed to enjoy it after a few minutes.


Erica said...

That is hilarious! He is totally going to be a water baby!

Lara said...

Love the pictures. He is getting so big. I am glad he liked the hot tub. It is fun when they like the water.

Dale and Linda said...

That's our boy! What cute pictures. I was hoping you would take more pictures. I would like to see weekly postings of Quinn. He is growing up so quickly. He really wants to come to Cedar to see his grandmas and grandpas.

Queen of Hearts said...

Ahh, it makes me crazy to see how big he is getting so quick. I swear, when you don't live by the babies, you miss way too much. Thanks for helping bridge that gap.